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All Massages 
(Deep Tissue Massage, Ancient Chinese Tui-Na, Hot-stone Massage, Swedish Massage and Reflexology
at Taiji Body Work(72 St. UWS location) are 
 only $55/hr

You may also combine all of them or design your own for same price.

And NOW, with Everyday Special Offer, you get extra 15 minutes for FREE
( book one hour or longer massage)

Call 212-580-1888 to book now!

Upper West Side Store Address: 127 W 72nd St. 2nd Fl New York, 10023

Want to know what our massage place look like before you come
 check out the following pictures:

Taiji Body Work, the best Asian Massage in NYC

Deep Tissue Massage, Best Asian Massage

Taiji Body Work, Private Massage Room

Taiji Body Work, waiting area.

Best Asian Massage in New York City

What People Are Saying about Taiji...

Photo of Onneesha G.
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  • 86reviews

Woodside, NY

5-star Rating 5/21/2012

If I can come here once every week, I would.
I found this place on Yelp in December and have been addicted ever since. 
My review is long overdue.
It's time that I give them the credit that they deserve.
I try to come at least once a month, if my schedule permits.
Coming here is always a treat!
Helen is amazingggg!
She's super strong and always manages to find a way to get rid of all my knots and tension.
The place is spacious, and very clean. 
You can hear other clients but I don't mind it at all. 
I'm way too relax to have a bitchfit.
Plus, its cheap here. 
Get over it.

Photo of Rodel O.
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  • 60reviews

Brooklyn, NY

5-star Rating 6/16/20121 Check-in Here

This place rocks especially since its affordable and close to work. My massage therapist was Sarah and she was mad strong for her size, which was good because I was worried I wouldn't feel a thing. The place is clean and neat, unlike the outside which makes it look like a hole in the wall joint. The rooms are tiny and you can definitely hear everything that's going on, but it didn't ruin my experience. I did the 70 minutes for $50 deal and it was definitely worth it. I started off with a full body rub, then hot stones, and ended with a foot rub. My back was full of crazy knots and I liked that Sarah knew where all of them were, and worked on them instead of just glancing over everything like other massages I've had. After my massage was done, I paid up front where I was given a lil card with the massage therapist's name and a lil cup of water to drink. That night I slept like a baby, but was sore the next day, which is supposed to happen. The pain went away after a day or two and I felt awesome.

Photo of Thalia K.
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New York, NY

5-star Rating2/12/20123 Check-ins Here

They have a killer check-in deal on Yelp right now that is almost too good to be true. $50 for a 75 minute full body deep tissue massage... in the middle of Chelsea. Believe it. Thank me later.

I've been a long time fan of the Greenwich location and at first was wary about going anywhere else since I couldn't be sure if they were actually related. My worries were allayed when I saw the same logo out front, then at the reception area all my doubts vanished when we were greeted by the very same manager/owner. 

This location is two or three times the size of the Greenwich location. All the good qualities that made me love the other location have been carried over here. Clean rooms, romantic lighting--great for couples, calm, soothing music (maybe they could switch to digital clocks though so you don't hear the incessant tick-tock), and above all, people who know what they're doing. The masseur I was assigned today was a bit more gentle than I'm used to, but knew exactly where and when to kick up the pressure and left me feeling like jello. 

75 minutes is great because you get about half an hour on your back and shoulders, and half an hour on your arms and legs, followed by a foot massage that you normally wouldn't get with the one hour rubdown. They oil you up with baby oil and take a hot towel and wipe you down afterwards so that you're left feeling silky soft and not greasy. At one point, my masseur completely shocked me by using hot stones on my back which I've never had before at the Greenwich Taiji, and my partner's masseuse didn't bring them out for him. Now that I know they have them I might just ask for them. :) 

My new faorite place to go to relieve all that tension in my back and shoulders.

Taiji Body Work, Best Asian Massage NYC