Why Taiji


Oriental theory sees our life force as harmonized and distributed by rivers (called Meridians) or lines of Chi (energy flow) in the body. Different points in the body act as gates regulating the flow and also nurturing the organs. This is the basis of Acupuncture theory, Shiatsu and also that of Chinese Tui-na therapy.

Ancient thought sees our energy as traveling in rivers within the body. It is believed that balance of this energy, called Chi, is key to vitality. Chinese Tui-na therapy uses the meridian lines of energy and acupressure points seeking to help the body balance its forces and free its potential for vitality and wellness.

Taiji Bodywork Inc. is a place of serenity and tranquility with luxurious place
treatments to soothe your Body, Mind and Soul.

At Taiji Bodywork Inc. muscles are worked expertly to increase circulation and relieve holding, stretching and breathing. Tui-na, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Healing Stone/Corn therapy and Reflexology are all our tools to aid your center experience of relaxation and aliveness while all your tension, pain and strss melts away.

Taiji Bodywork Inc. therapists are available daily from 10:30 am to 1:00 am.